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Company Profile

Salmones Camanchaca is a division of Compañía Pesquera Camanchaca, a public company that has been listed on the Santiago Stock Exchange since 2010. It has more than 3,000 shareholders, including its controlling shareholders, Jorge Fernández V. and Francisco Cifuentes, in accordance with the subscribed shareholders agreement.

The Company is vertically integrated with fresh water and sea water facilities, together with primary and value added processing plants. In order to truly support our customers’ supply chains, the Company has commercial offices in various parts of the world.

Board of Directors and CEO


Jorge Fernández García

Vice Chairman

Ricardo García Holtz

Board Member

Francisco de Borja Cifuentes Correa

Board Member

Felipe Sandoval Precht

Board Member

Tore Valderhaug

Chief Executive Officer

Manuel Arriagada Ossa

Senior Executives