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Production Process

Reproduction and Spawning

3 years1

In the 8th region, the Company has an advanced genetic enhancement program for Atlantic salmon (Salmon salar). Once breeders are developed, light and temperature techniques are used to prepare them for spawning, making eggs available twelve months of the year.


Incubation and Fry

5 months2


5 months3

Camanchaca boasts the world's largest recirculating hatchery, with capacity of up to 15 million smolts per year. In this closed structure, protected from the elements, production variables like temperature, oxygen and light are controlled.


Grow Out

16 months4

The process begins with the approximately month-long process of seeding ocean cages with smolts. The Atlantic Salmon smolts are grown-out for a period between 14 and 19 months, then harvested in wellboats and transferred to the Camanchaca processing plant.


Primary Processing


Processing of Fish from Farming Sites. This process takes place at the San José Plant in Calbuco for harvests from the 10th region and at the Surproceso Plant in Quellón for harvests from the 11th region.


Secondary Processing


This modern plant processes fillets, portions and other value-added products.


Distribution and Sale


Our certifications

Camanchaca has several certifications, Highlighting the four stars for the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification for its farming processes, plant, Fish Farming and feed suppliers.